Captain Scott 'Skitchy' Barnes

Is one of the youngest but most experienced fisherman in Bermuda. Fishing is in his blood and he and his family have been fishing the beautiful waters of Bermuda for over 3 generations! He has been fishing for over 12 years with Vitamin Sea, Hakuna's commercial sister boat, before transitioning to Captain his own ship. He not only commands the boat but enjoys being hands on and fishing Argus Banks, where he enjoys catching big game fish such as Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi. During 2015, Captain Scott Barnes led Hakuna Matata to a 1st place finish in the Bacardi Challenge and enjoys competing in the multiple fishing tournaments held in Bermuda's waters. In Captain Scott's spare time he was the Commodore of Spanish Point Boat Club (2011) and races go-karts in Bermuda and the USA.


First Mate Michael Barnes

Has been fishing for over 40 years, starting at the young age of 16. Michael is the owner and operator of our commercial sister boat Vitamin Sea. His vast experience and knowledge ranges from nets and lobster pots, to rod & reel and line. Michael grew up fishing the waters of Bermuda and can navigate the banks (Argus or Challenger) with his eyes closed, and can provide you with the true Bermudian fishing experience.

About Us

Bermuda is a beautiful place and there are a lot of charters in Bermuda. So why should you choose us?


Proven Record

With over 50 years combined experience we are the most veteran team on the island.

Our experience has shown through our ability to win local tournaments, such as the 2014 Bacardi Rum fishing tournament, and keeping our commerical business flourishing.


Pride over Points

We take serious pride in being able to catch our charters fish.

Our goal is to make sure your experience is one you want to repeat. One where you go home with a great picture of your catch with an awesome story too tell, and of course, some fish to eat.


Competitive Rates

You get what you pay for and we are strong believers in that.

Our pricing reflects our product. We don't have the cheapest rates nor the most expensive, but ours are competitive and fair for the no-worries experience we provide. See rates or contact us for more.


Luxury on the Sea

Our boat is one of the newest, most modern boats you'll find in Bermuda.

Come see what luxury fishing is like with a fully air conditioned cabin, XM radio, a wide screen TV, microwave, mini fridge, and a Nintendo Wii. How could you not have a great experience?

51 foot Custom Carolina Sportfishing

A single 825HP motor beauty with a 22knot cruise & modern luxuries gets you on the fish fast and comfortably.

Our Fishing Charter Rates

What fits you?

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    Full Day Charter – $1,800
  • 6:30am-5:30pm
  • 6 people
  • $100 more per person after 6 (cap 9)

    3/4 Day Charter – $1,350
  • 7:00am-2:30pm
  • 6 people
  • $100 more per person after 6 (cap 9)

    *Includes soda, bottled water, and beer refreshments.
    *Arrange pick-up location with us when you book.

Our Crusing Charter Rates

Cruise in Comfort

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Hakuna Matata is not just about fishing charters. We offer the best in private cruising, sight seeing, and snorkeling. Whether you want to do a birthday party, kids fishing party, or just want to get out on the ocean in Bermuda with friends, Hakuna Matata is perfect for all your boat charter needs. Let us get you out in style and comfort!

    Average Hourly Rate — $375/hr first 2 hours
  • $150 per additional hour
  • prices may vary due to size/duration
  • Email or call us to for more info!

The Island of Bermuda

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